Why us?

Our well informed, on beer matters, team is here to introduce you and your pallet to the flavorful world of beer. Our main characteristic is our love for beer. We read about it, we study it, we teach it, we know about its past and keep up to date in regard to its future but ABOVE all we DRINK It.

What we do..

We are equipped and qualified to teach, train and educate your staff in everything relating to beer. We are also able to assist you in creating the appropriate catalog of beers that suits your business and provide you with draught beer for all your events. Additionally we organize and we participate in beer seminars, meetings and tastings.

BeerBartender is not:

  • an importing company
  • trading beers
  • brewing beers (unless its homebrewing)
  • a gastro-pub, a restaurant or even a bar

Our team

Nicola Radisis

BeerBartender Founder

Danae Margaritidi

PR Manager

George Benos

Food Quality Auditor

Jerry Antonatos


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